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Lima with over 7 million people living in this bustling city, businesses and industrial activity are flourishing in the capital city of Peru.

Lima, a metropolis steeped in vice-regal airs, is the perfect starting point for travellers keen to experience Peru, a country filled with myths and traditions that date back through time.

This is a nation doted with spectacular landscapes and imposing archaeological remains, which only leaves one to imagine the grandeur of Peru's first inhabitants, the authentic architects of the pre-Hispanic cultures, and the Andean civilization.

Lima situated in the heart of the city are great archeological monuments such as the Huallamarca Huaca or the Pucllana Huaca. And, on the outskirts of Lima facing the ocean is Pachacamac, the most important pre-Incan sanctuary on the coast, built in the third century A.D. Some of the other great attractions are the beaches where you can do all types of aquatic sports, enjoy the sun, or simply gaze at the mesmerizing beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

During this trip, you must also remember to sample one of the best cuisines in the world. The city offers a wide variety of restaurants and inviting locales where you will be able to taste delicious dishes, the result of the mixing of European, African, Asian, and Andean cuisines.

Weather and climate in Lima Peru

Lima tends to be rather humid and warm all year long. From January through to March, Lima experiences warm temperatures averaging around 70 to 80 degrees during the day but high humidity can make the heat feel very uncomfortable.

Travellers should pack loose, cotton clothing if they are travelling during this time. Between March and April, the afternoon humidity fizzles a bit and the temperatures average from the 60’s to the 80’s with the sun trying to peek in at times.

Travellers may appreciate a sweater to wear out during the evening, as it can get a bit cool. From December to April, the sun finally makes its way out and the temperature rests at a satisfying mid-70’s to lower 80’s. This is the best time to visit Lima in fact, when the weather is mild and the sun is shining. Regardless, since the weather is rather consistent, travellers can plan to visit Lima without worrying about a huge variation in weather patterns.

Typical dishes in Lima

Try Carapulcra, Cau-Cau, Anticuchos, Arroz con Conchas or for those with a sweet tooth indulge in Mazamorra Morada and Arroz con Leche.

Districts of Lima

San Isidro: Characterized by green areas and exclusive residential neighborhoods, especially the traditional area of El Olivar, named that way because of the hundreds of olive trees growing in the park.

Miraflores: A tourist district full of hotels. There are large and modern malls, theaters, cinemas, and art galleries. Its green areas are beautiful, like the KennedyPark where artists, painters, and folklore groups meet.

Barranco and Chorrillos: An early twentieth century beach resort for the Lima aristocracy, it is new the main artistic neighborhood of the city with lovely homes and corners with disco techs, pubs, and cafes that present musical and cultural shows.

Santiago de Surco: Here you will see examples of the past cultural and historical wealth such as the downtown area, traditional cuisine, and vineyards.

Pueblo Libre: It has a Historic Downtown where you can see different interesting urban houses, rooms, and monuments such as the Santa Maria Magdalena Church with its beautifully decorated interior.

Things to see and do in Lima

Main Square It constitutes the oldest publish space preserved as a sightseeing spot in Lima. It is also known as Plaza Mayor which features colonial houses which reflect elegance and exude old world charm.

Cathedral of Lima- It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Lima which is a must visit for the tourists coming here. In side the cathedral you can find many interesting remains of the kings of Peru and the remainders of Francisco Pizarro.

Park of the Legends - It is one of the most important zoological parks of Lima with different variety of species of the three natural regions of Peru.

National Museum in Lima - It is one of the best and largest museums in Peru and South America. You can see some of the fine collections of artifacts, displayed here which also showcases the archaeological richness of ancient Peru.

Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology: if you are interested in pottery and textiles then a visit to this museum is a must for you. It is one of the most exciting museums in South America, exhibiting a fantastic compilation of pottery and textiles from different significant cultures of ancient Peru, as well as stone idols from Chavin.

Palacio Torre Tagle: It is considered as a masterpiece of Lima's colonial architecture. Built around the early 18th century it is perhaps the most stunning and magnificent Spanish colonial mansions in Peru.

Other major tourist attractions in Lima include the Museo de la Inquisicion, Museo de Oro (Gold Museum), La Iglesia de San Francisco, Museum of the Republic to name a few. You can also take a short trip to the nearby captivating archaeological sites of Huaca Pucllana, San Juan de Pariache, Puruchuco, Pachacámac , Cajamarquilla , and Huaycán Tambo.

Eating out

Most of the best restaurants in Lima are located in Miraflores, though some are found in San Isidro, Surco, and Barranco. Some people might be interested to know that fast food from the United States is alive and well in Lima. McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut can be found in Lima and they are very much like their North American versions. KFC offers a chicken prepared in a way (pressure cooked with its 11 herbs and spices) that is unusual to Peruvians with a choice of yucca chips or papas fritas (french fries). The best Pizza Hut for atmosphere (When have those two concepts ever found themselves in the same sentence?) is right on the corner on San Martin Plaza. There are even a Hooters, Chili's, and Fridays in Miraflores, as well as a big two-story McDonalds. But if you're a die-hard junk-food junkie, then you'd better just stay in Lima, because you won't find American fast food in other parts of Peru.

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